Friday, July 3, 2009

Stripe it up Fingerless Gloves

This is my first knitted pattern... so bare with me :o)

I made this to fit my 7 year old, her sister is modeling since this is a Christmas present. These are knitted on size5 (3.75mm) Double Pointed needles set of 4 and I used TLC Essentials in shaded denim

Caso on 36sts, 12 on each of three needles join to knit in the round
Row 1) knit
Round 2) purl
Rounds 3-6) repeat rnds 1 and 2
Rnd 7-16) Knit
Rnd 17) Purl
Rnd 18-27) knit
Rnd 28) purl
Rnd 29) knit
Knit even until measures 6" (or desired length) from beginning round
Thumb increase: Rnd 1) Increase in first st, knitting front and back of st, increast in next st, knitting front and back of st, knit around
Rnd 2 and 3) knit around
Rnd 4) knit front and back of first st, knit two even, knit front and back of fourth st, knit around
Rnd 5 and 6) knit even around
Rnd 7) knit front and back of first st, knit next 4sts, knit front and back of 5th sts, knit around
Rnd 8) Place first 8 sts on waste yarn or st holder, cast on 4 sts to needle 3, join to knit around
Rnd 9-13) Knit evenly
Rnd 14) knit first 2 sts together, knit accross needle, needle 2, knit accross to last 2sts and knit 2 sts together, needle 3 knit accross
Rnd 15-20)* Knit 2, purl 2 repeat from* around Fasten Off

Thumb: Place 5sts from wast yarn on N1, 3sts on N2, with N2 Pick up 4sts around gap, with N3 pick 4 more sts, attach yarn
Rnd 1-3) Knit evenly
Rnd 4-6) Knit 2, purl 2 around fasten off and weave in ends.

This is my original pattern, please don't sell as your own design, you may use your finished projects as gift craft fairs etc, but please give me/my website credit for the pattern. Thanks a bunch! :o)


  1. Those are great - guess I have to learn to knit now - LOL!! Currently I am making my fingerless gloves out of repurposed wool sweaters, but I still want to learn to knit.

  2. Hi! This a great pattern! Did you ever get a chance to measure the gauge? I am using a different yarn and want to make sure it matches up! Thanks so much!

  3. I placed a link on my blog to yours. This pattern was wonderful to knit! Thank you for sharing!!

  4. This is a great pattern!! I love it. I made these for my girls and they love them. Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Vallieskids,
    Was wondering if you could give me stitch amounts for an adult version...I love the way these look.

    I have never made fingerless gloves, these don't look too hard but just need to figure size.
    Thanks for your help...

  6. I'm on my second pair of these. This pattern is great, thank you! Same request as above, can you give us the adult version for this pattern. I know several of my friends who would love these too, but they are grownups. :)

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  8. This is so cool! I am excited to knit this!

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