Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Four legged friend.

I have spent some time in the past week with another love of mine.. We went to a horse rescue with the gilrs to check things out. And then this past weekend we rescued one from a farm that still needs to have more taken away. It's a sad thing to see, but it was nice to see one come home that very much needed it. These are pictures of some friends of mine that I get enjoy on a regular basis.

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  1. I love the pics, I haven't ridden in so long. My loving partner in crime is now the ripe old age of 26, he hangs out with my moms mare who is blind and almost deaf. He is her guide in life now so I feel bad splitting them up to ride. If I didn't have so many other things going(four kids) rescue would fill up my plate. Thankyou for doing such a great thing.