Monday, May 18, 2009

Mini Pouch
Size G hook (4.25mm)
Rnd 1) ch 2, 9 sc in 2nd ch from hook, join. ch1
Rnd 2) in same st as joining, 2sc, 2sc in each st around, join, ch1 (18sc)
Rnd 3) 2hdc in same st as joining, *hdc in next st, 2hdc in next st, repeat around, join in back loop of first hdc, ch1 (26hdc)
Rnd 4) (working in back loops this round only) Hdc in each st around. ch1Rnd
5-7) Hdc in each st around, join ch1.
Rnd 8) Hdc aroun to last two sts, hdc decrease, join, ch 3 (counts as first dc and ch1)
Rnd 9) skip next hdc, *dc in next st, ch1, skip next st, repeat from * around, join, ch 1
Rnd 10) sc in joining, sc in each dc and chain around, join, fasten off. Weave in ends
For drawstring I made on long ch of about 40-50 for a wristlet length, but you can make is longer and/or make two weave in and out of dc row. You may use this pattern for whatever. If possible I would like to see a picture of you finished project. ENJOY!!! :o) Happy crocheting.
This has not been tested yet, so please let me know if you find any errors.


  1. they are very nice. Do you mind if I make them with my crochet girls? i'm sure they would love them....

  2. Absolutely, have fun. And please let me know if you find anything wrong... I'm new at the whole writing a pattern thing :o)

  3. These could go with the pirate eye patch too...pirate "loot" bags. Or birthday party bags if you have kids that age.

  4. After seeing these, I had some time to kill and some extra yarn and improvised a similar bag to hold my son's little toys. I gave you credit for the inspiration on my ravelry project page :)

    I love your crochet ideas! I also made your butterfly hat and it's getting rave reviews and several "can you make me one too?" requests! I may use up the yarn I have from the hat I made for my daughter and make a scarf with the butterflies on each end! If I get it done, I'll let you know how it turns out!

  5. This is my second project from your patterns completed. I made the butterfly hat for a friend's daughter and am now making the mini pouches for my 3 little grand daughters (ages 3, 18 months and 18 months). I am making the pouches in cottontots "doll house" yarn embellished with little hearts in cottontots "country red" hearts. The girls are at an age where they like to have a little purse so I am making the straps short (for safety too).

    Both patterns have come out GREAT! I'm eager to try out the other two hat patterns from June. Thank you so much for sharing these easy (but gorgeous!) patterns with the world!

  6. This is darling, and would be great for kids to keep their allowance change in, my niece loves to have change so she can buy candy, but with her sticky hands and young-easily distracted mind, it is easy for her to loose the money, so I am making one of these pouches for her mom to keep in her purse just for "Brookie's cash"

  7. I love these pouches too cute :) I play table top games that require dice and this would be perfect for a dice bag. LOL It also says gift idea.

  8. Thanks for the quick pattern!

  9. How did you tie the chain once weaved in?