Friday, August 7, 2009

Dish the Dress

This is a porduct of boredom/last minute gift. But I figured I would share anyways...

Dress up your dish soap bottle

I used an H hook and peaches and cream cotton.

Rnd 1) ch16, sl st to first ch to form circle, being careful not to twist, ch2, (does not count as first dc now and throughout) 2dc in same ch as joining, * dc in next ch, 2dc in next ch, repeat from * around, join to top of first dc.
Rnd 2) ch2, * 2dc in st, dc in next 2sts, repeat from * around
Rnd 3) ch2, dc in same st and in next 3sts, skip next 6dc, dc in next 10sts, skip next 6dc, , dc in last 6sts,
Rnd 4) ch2, dc in each st around
Rnd 5) ch2, * 2dc in st, dc in next 3sts, repeat from * around
Rnd 6-10) ch2, dc in each st around
Rnd 11) ch3, 2 treble crochet in each st around. Fasten off

attach yarn to dc of rnd 3 at top section of sleeve with a sl st, 2hdc in same st as dc before skipped stitches, 2hdc in each of 6 skipped sts and in next st, sl st to dc of same rnd fasten off and weave in ends, repeat for second sleeve.

I used a small lenth of ribbon and wove through the row below the sleeve section just to add a little color.

Please feel free to use your own projects for gifts, craft fairs, etc. Please link back and give me credit for the pattern if possible. Thanks a bunch and Happy Hooking!


  1. I loved this! I made one for my hand soap. :) Thanks for the pattern!


  2. This is so cute - I will be visiting your blog often. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Blessings, Donna

  3. Super cute I will have to make one soon :)

  4. This looks really cute! I am wondering what size of dish soap it will fit?

  5. just found your blog, and am very new to crochet, these are gorgeous would it be easy to down size them to fit my 8 yr old daughter.

    1. This is for a dish soap bottle. You would need to find a whole new pattern for a child.

  6. I am so excited to try this. I needed something "affordable" to share with friends next Christmas. Will be making 20 more more.

  7. I really enjoyed your dish soap pattern very easy and beautiful I add buttons and a bow for a wonderful look thanks